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Evgeny Korolev
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Korolev Tennis Academy at The Grand

Junior beginner program
This program is for beginner to intermediate students that are in Junior High and
High School. Ages group 10 and up. This program will allow students to learn the game of tennis, regardless of previous experience . if you are looking for a sport that you can practice the majority of your life this is a great way to start. This program is designed for the ones that are to learn, stay fit and just have fun!

Young Stars Program
This is a program for various ages and levels, with the main focus is being
strong technique base. Our team will make sure to give every student individual instruction on technique, footwork and the understanding of the game of Tennis while
maintaining a fun environment for players.

Juniors Rising Stars Program
This program is for juniors ages 10 and up that are looking to pursue a more
advance career in tennis with goal of playing college tennis or going on the pro
level. This program requires more dedicated players and a bigger focus on the

Stars Program
Our starts program is a transition from our Junior Rising stars program. It is a
high competition level program with a goal to be placed in colleges and or going
out on a pro tour. This Program is for our top level players that are competing in state, national and international tournaments.

Each program that we offer is meant to be a step in the transition of our
players and they are designed to complement each other. It all depends on
the level and the pace of improvement of every player.

Ladies Drills 

Come and join us for a new Ladies Drills program that is run by the Korolev Tennis Acadmey at The Grand!

Intense, productive drills and point play will bring your game to the next level

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 

9:30am - 11am 

Members price - $30 per training class

Non-Members price - $40 per training class 

Reservations must be made 24 hours prior to training class to:

or by phone - 832-559-7443